Pyc2605 Assignment 1 Skeletal System

PYC2605/201 2 1 INTRODUCTION Dear Student, We hope that you are enjoying your module in HIV/Aids care and counselling.If you find the course helpful, please tell your friends and colleagues about it. Remember, it is possible for students to enrol only for this one module for non-degree purposes, if they wish to do so. The only prerequisite for the course is matric (Standard 10/Grade 12). It may also interest you to know that almost 6 000 students enrol for the HIV/Aids care and counsellingcourse (PYC2605) per year! The main purpose of this tutorial letter is to give feedback on Assignment 01. However, before we do so, let’s address some other issues first. Assignment issues In the previous semester, many students did not get examination admission because (a) their assignments were never received by Unisa; (b) the assignments reached Unisa after the closing date; and (c) the assignments were submitted in the wrong semester. Please note that it is your own responsibility to make sure that Unisa has received and marked your assignments. Please check myUnisa regularly to see if your assignment has been received and marked. If you check the system regularly and it seems that your assignment was not received or marked, please direct your enquiries to the Students Assessment and Assignment Department. Please do not contact your lecturers to find out what happened to your assignments. Your multiple choice assignments go directly to the Assignment section to be marked by computer. Unfortunately, lecturers do not see your multiple choice assignments at all. Please note that you have to submit Assignment 01 to gain examination admission. Together assignment 01 and assignment 02 contribute 20% to your final year mark. Please take careful note of your assignment closing dates. In each semester there are two multiple choice assignments each with a specific closing date and unique number. Make sure that you know exactly if you are registered for the firstor for the secondsemester. Use the assignment closing date and unique numberof that specific semester ONLY on your mark reading sheet. If you are registered for the 2ndsemester, please do not submit your assignments for the 1stsemester closing dates or use the 1stsemester unique numbers. Your assignment will NOT be registered on the system and it will get lost. Electronic Learning Units and Open Electronic ResourcesDo you enjoy the online module? We surely had a lot of fun compiling it! Some students find the online approach a bit daunting but keep in mind that the purpose of the online module is only to guide you through the prescribed book and to challenge you to think differently about HIV and Aids and to motivate you to do things in your communities. There will be neither examination questions directly on the content of the electronic learning units, nor on the open educational resources (e.g. videos and webpages). The examination questions are based on your prescribed book only, and Tutorial

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