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School is a very sanctified place of learning. We have provided several essays in my classroom you can select any one essay according to your requirement. All the essays are helpful for children's and students.

10 Lines Essay on My Classroom

1. I read in class four in S.J.K.E. School.

2. Our school is a three-storey building.

3. Our classroom is a part of the main building.

4. It is in front of the office room.

5. The students don't get a chance to shout.

6. There are benches, tables, blackboard, chairs in this room.

7. There are a special chair and table for teachers.

8. It has two doors and four windows.

9. Inside the room, there are wall paintings.

10. We read peacefully in this classroom.

Essay on My Classroom (50 words)

I read in class seven in Aurobindo Vidyalaya boys high school. We have a beautiful classroom. It is a large one. There are sixty-five students are in my class. It has two doors and four windows. Each student provided with a chair and a table.There are a special chair and a big table for teachers.There is a blackboard in our classroom. We get sufficient light and air. We always keep our classroom huge, neat and clean.

Essay on My Classroom (100 words)

I study at Ispat Lower Secondary School. I read in class seven. My classroom is almost fifty- five feet long and twenty-five feet wide.There are fourty boys and fifteen girls in our class. It has two doors and three windows.  We sit on chairs and write on desks. There is also a big table and a chair for the teacher. The teacher stands by the side of the table and teaches us. There is a blackboard in our class. Our teacher writes on it with a piece of chalk.  There are two dustbins in the room. We always keep our class neat and clean.

Essay on My Classroom (150 to 200 words)

I am a student of Madhusudan Public High School. Our school is really very big. It is a three-storied building. Each class has four sections. My classroom was on the south block of our school. My classroom is almost eight metres long and six metres wide. There are twenty-five boys and fifteen girls are in my class. It has two doors and five windows.  It is very airy and bright. It also contains six tube lights and four ceiling fans. On class, routine hangs on the wall. The floor of our class was made up of tiles, hence it looks very attractive. There are total forty benches and chair in my class. Two students require one bench. Hence, there is no fighting for a seat.

There are two fixed blackboards just in front of our benches where we sit. The is a special chair and big table for our teachers. The walls of the class are full of pictures of great men and women. We also have wall magazine in our classroom. We throw all the dirt and waste papers in the dustbins as there are two dustbins in the room. We decorate our classroom for the Saraswati Puja and Ganesh Puja days. We always keep our class clean and tidy.

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Essay on My Favourite Teacher

A teacher is a significant part of students life. She/He retards ignorance and lights the lamp of knowledge. We have provided an essay on My Favourite Teacher for the class nursery, lkg, ukg, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. You can select anyone essay according to your need.

10 Lines Essay on My Favourite Teacher

1. I read in class-VI in Chinmaya Vidyalaya.

2. There are five teachers in this school.

3. Among them, my ideal teacher is Gopi Sir.

4. His full name is Gopinath Pani.

5. He is short, yet highly talented.

6. He teaches us Mathematics in easy method.

7. Even the dull students can understand his teaching.

8. He is simple, loving, co-operative, mixing.

9. He loves students like his children.

10. We can't forget his love, advice, help in life.

Essay on My Favourite Teacher (100 words)

In my School, there are sixty-five teachers. Most of them are very good and well qualified. It is very difficult to choose, any one teacher.  But I like Dr Saswata Chatterjee. He is an ideal teacher. Every student loves him. His deepness of knowledge in his Subject is incredible. He takes our English poetry and grammar classes. He has his own of teaching the subject. His fluency in English, his accent of the language, his style of explaining the lessons with suitable examples and situations make his class quite lively. Students enjoy his class very much. They never miss it at any cost. I appreciate his teaching a lot. He a great teacher.

Essay on My Favourite Teacher (150 to 200 words)

I study at Kendriya Vidyalaya Rourkela. In our school, there are about seventy teachers. All of them are well qualified. Of all the teachers of our school, I like Mrs Rajni Mahato the best. She has been in the school for the last ten years. She is nearly forty years of age. Mrs Mahato teaches us English and History. She is a kind lady and an excellent educator. Mrs Rajni is very popular with the students. All the boys follow whatever she teaches.She permits us to ask as many questions as we like. She loves and praises those boys who do their work regularly.Our teacher is very simple in her habits and dress. She is always kind and sympathetic to the boys and treats them as her children.Mrs Mahato encourages us to be regular in our studies and to take part in games. She goes to the playground each afternoon and plays with the boys. She wants her boys to be healthy in body as well as in mind.Mrs Mahato is very good at heart. All the boys respect and love her. She always takes great interest in her students and feels very happy when she meets any of her old students.

Essay on My Favourite Teacher (300 to 400 words)


There are a large number of teachers in our school, Only a few of them are noble and sincere. They love their students very much, and the students love them in return. They are always for the welfare of students. They guide them at every step. They are, of course, very strict but they have never been harsh to the student mass. Their dealings are quite reined. They get themselves involved in almost all school activities and guide students along the right path. Some students may be unruly before others but not before them.Such teachers are real assets to our school. They are favourite to one and all.

My Favourite Teacher and his career:

Well, Dr Ashok Kumar Padhi is my favourite teacher. He is a senior teacher of the English Department in our school. He has a bright career as a student, and he has put in a service of fifteen years in school. He has been a successful teacher all the years. Dr Padhi is a teacher of my liking. I have come in close contact with him ever since I took admission in school. He believes in action, not in word. He appears to be grave. But he is quite kind and sympathetic to his students. His ways are refined and his dealings are gentle.

How he is an example before you:
Dr Padhi is a man of great learning. He never wastes a minute unnecessarily. He makes use of his leisure hours in the best possible way. Whenever I visit his house, I find him reading some books or writing articles for some journals. He works hard and inspires students to do the same. Work is his God, and acquiring knowledge is probably his religion. He is an example to me in my life. Dr Padhi has earned a good name as a teacher. Everybody speaks highly of him. Besides his teaching work, he writes stories and poems in English and Odia as well. As a writer, he has carved out a place in literature. His articles appear in literary journals. They mirror a real picture of the present Indian society. I have read some of his stories. I cannot but appreciate his master-mind.

His interest in different college activities:
Dr Padhi is a key-person in our school. He takes a keen interest in all school activities. He is the Adviser to the School Union. He guides students along the right track. He deals with any situation with tact and intelligence. He knows how to solve a problem. He helps the authorities in the smooth running of the school. Our Principal banks on his co-operation. He takes every pain to see that the institute keeps up its name and fame.

Every student loves Dr Padhi and shows him great regard. He is my favourite teacher.He is a great scholar, a good organiser and a reputed teacher. I get inspiration from his words and deed. I have every love and regard for him. I will remember him all my life.

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