Narrative Essay On Family

Personal Narrative Traumatic Events in My Family Essay

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Personal Narrative Traumatic Events in My Family

The time came for her to be delivered. She gave birth to her first born son, wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in the manger, because there was no room for them in the inn. These were the words that I had spoken during a church Christmas play while I was just about to see the light at the end of my elementary school career. As I looked out into the faces of my family, I realized that I was making someone proud. I too was proud to have such a caring family whom I thought would be my strength throughout my life. Life has been so good to me thus far with wonderful parents, an older sister to whom I worshiped, and an older brother to keep me in tune with the magnificent…show more content…

Little did I know this new way of life that I had deemed for myself would turn out to be my most serious downfall. A few years had past since my family had become a statistic, when my sister and brother left home on their way to their own goals in life. This new change produced even a greater effect on me than did the departure of my father. Now came the time where I decided if no one else had to stay in the family, neither did I. I took this opportunity to become closer to my friends and their families hoping to become more welcome there than I did at home. It was not long after my constant deviation from what was left of my family that my mother decided she was going to keep me out of the house for extended periods of time. Now the time had come for me to really find my path in life. Several years later I had come to realize that the path I had chosen was going to be a long drug out process with no gratification, and no possible chance to better my self. Even though I was old enough to work now, my employments opportunities that were given to me did not last long. My relentless despise for authority had left me with termination from nearly every occupation that I had found. I soon realized that I was running out of options, as well as sustainable cash, and that I would need to choose a brand new path that would carry me out for the rest of my life. Many times I had walked into the college campus with positive intent on enrolling to better my

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