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You and Me Magazine publishes personal essays about individuals experiences as a medical patient. They also publish some articles from provider’s perspectives.

According to their submission guidelines:

“You&Me America’s Medical Magazine seeks non-fiction articles, preferably from a first-person perspective, about the human aspects of dealing with all medical issues, from the life threatening to the chronic to the so-called “trivial.” We do not want all happy endings or all sad endings. We can use some health-care provider perspectives as well. We do not want or use informational articles. We also cannot use any third person articles unless they are about the personal impact the writer experienced dealing with the medical issues of a spouse or close family member.”

They don’t ask for exclusive rights, and they do pay for reprints as well.

They pay 4-5 cents per word for articles 1,000-2,500 words. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

The owner of a bed & breakfast in Maine is handing off her property to whoever who writes the best 200-word essay and submits a check for $125.

Janice Sage first came into possession of the Center Lovell Inn in 1993 when she won an essay contest set up by the owners at the time, Mental Floss reports. But now, Sage is ready to retire—and pass on the property much the same way she came about it.

Sage told the Press Herald: “There’s a lot of very talented people in the restaurant business who would like to have their own place but can’t afford it. This is a way for them to have the opportunity to try.”

The business-savvy Sage is not doing this without cashing out. She hopes to get over 7,500 contest entries, which would mean she would collect $900,000— the price at which real estate agents in the area say she could expect to sell the property, according to Mental Floss.

Entries must be postmarked by May 7. The winner is expected to be announced on May 21st. There’s more information on the contest’s website here.

The Professional Association of Innkeepers International says that the bed & breakfast industry is estimated to be worth $3.4 billion, with as many as 17,000 inns in the U.S. The average daily rate for a room is $150, according to the association’s website.

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