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  • They have the right and the duty to stop illegal drugs from getting into the schools.

    Not only should all lockers be searched, but all student's bags.
    And, mandatory drug testing of all students at least quarterly using hair samples, which can't be beat. If the hair is tested, all the illegal drug users would be caught and put into therapy. Second offenders would be kicked out until they test negative for 6 months.
    The good students need a break from the drug and gang punks that are destroying our high schools and grade school.

  • Yes they can

    100,000 students bring guns to schools and 260 teachers are physically assaulted every day in America. Often parents are unaware of their children doing it. We could reduce these numbers by having school administrators conduct locker searches, it is valid in cases of reasonable suspicion of possession of weapons and the school has prior rights to lockers since those are part of the school's property and were only lent to students.

  • Of Course they do!

    After all, it is the school's locker. i am doing a debate on this at school and if you look at the statistics, 40 students get shot or killed by fire arms each day. Fourty. i personally would rather have my principal see who i like than get shot by someone because the principal didn't check their locker.

  • No Expectation of Privacy

    Do you own the locker?

    Do you pay for the locker directly?

    Are you the only one with a key or the combination?

    If you answered yes for all those questions, then you have an expectation of privacy. If you didn't, then the locker is not your property. It is the property of the state, and your use is contingent on search. Basically, if you don't want your locker searched, don't use it.

  • Safety vs. Death

    You can be safe, or you can be sorry. At least 100,000 students bring guns to school everyday!!! Those guns need to be found and confiscated! School should be a safe place where you can learn without any threats!!! 40 students are hurt or killed from it. There is also the teenage drug problem!

  • Your child's safety is in the hands of the teachers

    As a parent you want your child to be safe at school, even if your not very protective of yoru child you at least do not want tohe mto be in the hand of a murder incident, drug gathering or social violence act. This is what happens when techers are nto allowed to acess a childs locker. It shouldn't be that bad anyway unless there acutally is soemthign abd

  • I was in school not long ago...

    If there is ONE truth, it's that students keep drugs in their lockers. School is a great place to deal drugs... It only makes sense that if the school suspects somethings up, they should check. We need to remember that your locket isn't a private area... It's publicly owned. The school owns it, not you. The only reasons you'd be against the school checking your locker is if you had something to hide. Books, a calculator, some pencils... You shouldn't care if the school looks in and sees these things. When my taxes pay for the lockers, they better be used for legal things.

  • It is the law but this is done for safety reasons

    With all the recent violence, gang activity and drugs happening in schools, I think lockers should be searched often provided that an administrator and resource officer are present during the search, there's reasonable suspicion for the search, and a sign is posted by the lockers letting students/parents know about the school's right to do so. When getting a locker, parents and students receive a letter stating the school's right to search which parents/students must agree to and sign in order to get a locker. In Florida, this type of search is permitted by the FL Statutes under the Education Code.

  • Why do people even care?

    The only reason to care would be if you had some AKs and a stack of ammo and some crack cocaine. Even so, you would have to be suspicious enough for them to want to search your locker.

    Honestly, I am a minimalist and don't even use my school locker.

  • It can prevent the danger of uncertainty

    As a student, I have heard of the shootings that have occurred at school. I am willing to submit to locker searches in order to prevent the possibility of weapons or illegal substances being brought to school. I want schools to be safe and if it is possible for students to hide things there, it will never be possible.

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