Essay About Electricity And Magnetism Projects

First published in St. Petersburg in 1759, F.U.T. Aepinus's Tenuimen theoriae electricilatis el magnetismi was one of the outstanding achievements of eighteenth-century physics. Its rigorous mathematical investigation of electricity and magnetism was an important and innovative departure from the primarily qualitative and nonmathematical treatments that preceded it. P. J. Connor's translation of the original Latin edition is the first to appear in any western European language, and the introductory monograph and notes by R. W. Home provide a far more definitive account of Aepinus's life and work than has heretofore been attempted.

Originally published in 1979.

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...Student Exploration Circuits Vocabulary ammeter, circuit, current, electron, ohmmeter, Ohms law, parallel circuit, resistance, resistor, series circuit, voltage Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.) Strings of holiday lights can be designed in one of two ways. In some strings of lights, each light is connected to the others along a single wire (in series). In others, each light is attached to its own wire (in parallel). Suppose a single light bulb burns out. How do you think this will affect lights that are strung along a single wire All the lights go out How will a single burned-out bulb affect the string of lights if each light is attached to its own wire Only that single light goes out Gizmo Warm-up The Circuits Gizmo shows a circuit board and a variety of components. Create a circuit with a battery, a light switch, a wire, and a light bulb, as shown. (Click the light switch to turn it to OFF.) Click the light switch to turn it to ON. What happens The light turns on Turn on Show current and select Electron flow. The moving dots represent a current of electronstiny, negatively charged particlesmoving through the wire. Voltage is a measure of how much more potential energy an electron at one end of a battery has than an electron at the other end of the battery. . How does changing the batterys voltage affect the current Changing voltage doesnt effect the current How does changing the batterys voltage affect the brightness of the light The more...

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