Essay On Leadership In The Workplace

A Step-By-Step Guide On Writing An Essay On Leadership In The Workplace

If you study management, your teacher may ask you to compose an essay on the topic of leadership in the workplace. To get an excellent grade for your academic task, you’ll need to take each of your steps in the correct order and thoughtfully. Otherwise, you might structure your paper poorly or convey a wrong message in your text.

Guidelines for Composing an Essay about Leadership in the Workplace

  1. Narrow down the topic.
  2. Leadership in the workplace is a rather broad topic. To be successful, your paper should concentrate on some particular question. For example, you may write about the three main qualities that a leader in the workplace should possess.

  3. Conduct a study.
  4. Once your narrow topic is selected, you should look for information that will support your main idea or help you answer your main question. You may consult your teacher to learn about reputable sources that you can examine.

  5. Make an outline.
  6. It’s advisable to plan the structure and contents of your essay in advance. This way, the writing process will be quick and easy. Make sure to outline the following sections:

    • The introduction.
    • Provide the context for your paper and state your thesis.

    • The body.
    • Present and interpret your arguments or points.

    • The conclusion.
    • Summarize everything given earlier, convey your final message.

  7. Write a draft.
  8. Following your outline, you should compose the first version of your paper. You may start writing with the body paragraphs. Then, compose a relevant introduction and, lastly, craft a good conclusion.

  9. Proofread your draft.
  10. The last step is to make sure that your paper doesn’t contain any mistakes and inconsistencies. Look through your text several times and correct each error that you find.

Asking Someone Else to Compose Your Essay

If you cannot complete your academic task alone, there are many sources that you can approach for help:

  • Local academic writers.
  • Look through newspaper ads to find contact details of a local specialist.

  • Online academic writers.
  • Visit a popular job board to find a freelancer who can write your paper.

  • Academic writing agencies.
  • Browse around the internet to get academic paper writing services of the highest quality.

In short, to write a good essay on the topic of leadership in the workplace, you should narrow down this topic to concentrate on a particular question, conduct a research to find information related to this matter, make a detailed outline of your paper, write a draft based on this outline, and proofread it thoroughly to eliminate each and every mistake.

Effective leadership skills can create a positive and prosperous workforce. Without the respect and cooperation of co-workers, persons in power can lose the support needed to complete the normal operations of a department or organization. Establishing an encouraging and efficient work relationship with your subordinates can ease stress, promote open- communication, and eliminate confusion that can be detrimental to a supervisory person.
Operative leadership skills are the key to a happy and successful relationship within an organization.   One way to create harmony is to ask coworkers for their opinions or ideas and actually listen to them.   There is nothing worse than someone asking for an opinion and then immediately ridiculing and interrupting them.   A supervisor that allows an employee to complete his thoughts shows respect and consideration even if the answer is insignificant. recommends “never blind side a coworker, boss, or reporting staff person” (Heathfield, 1).   This is also considered throwing someone under the bus. Introducing an ongoing issue before top management in a meeting or conference call is a great example of this disreputable behavior.   Conduct such as this will more than likely end any feelings of trust and loyalty among coworkers.   Discussing issues with the point person that handles the matter will not only bring insight but in many cases resolve the problem.  
To be a successful leader, an administrator must lead by example.   Subordinates cannot respect someone that is always late.   Whether it is late to work or behind on a project, time is of the essence.   Tardiness can also show a lack of value.   It can also tell coworkers that you cannot be depended on.  
Credible managers always “share credit for accomplishments, ideas, and contributions” (Heathfield, 1).   A simple thank you can go a long way with people.   Acknowledging goals and accomplishments with top management shows...

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