Pwc International Assignment

Strategic consulting

The success of an international assignment is judged on many different factors before, during and after the assignment.  By understanding and addressing the strategic needs of the businesses and the assignee throughout this process, the chances of a successful assignment will be greatly increased. 

Potential issues

  • You want to align international mobility to business needs
  • You need to measure the value of international assignments
  • You need to understand and avoid barriers to mobility
  • You want to understand secondees' motivations, both when accepting a secondment and when returning, and ensure performance meets business objectives
  • You need legal and tax-compliant international assignment practices
  • You need help in dealing with the increase in short-term, rotational, virtual and commuter assignments
  • You want to prevent 'talent drain' after repatriation
  • You want to ensure that reward structures are relative in comparison to competitors and that any assessment of value includes the cost of potentially losing talent from the organisation afterwards

How we can support you 

With a global network of more than 4,000 professionals in more than 100 countries, we have the depth of expertise to maximise the business value from international assignments.  We can provide: 

  • Advice on managing the financial, fiscal and legal risks of internationally mobile staff
  • Integrated solutions through teams of experts in tax, law, social security, technology, administration and international assignment policy
  • Technology solutions providing you with global control of the management of tax and administration
  • Advice on utilising, managing and rewarding your best mobile talent
  • Assignment and compensation structures to reduce costs and minimise risks for both inbound and outbound staff
  • Policies - to develop and benchmark them in order to deal with all types of assignment, including traditional, short-term, commuter and development assignments

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