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Mental disorders are malfunctions of the brain. These malfunctions create changes in thought, emotions and perceptions in the patient. Mental disorders are mainly caused by the imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Having a mental disorder does not suggest that the patient is ‘crazy’ or ‘a lunatic’. One of four families will have at least one member suffering from a mental disorder. Four hundred and fifty million out of the world population are currently affected by from mental disorders where as one hundred and fifty million are suffering from depression.

It has been reported that one million suicides take place in the world per year. According to Parsons (1951) a person who is suffering from a mental disorder, could be exempted from certain social responsibilities and he/ she has a right to expect help and care from others. The patient is obliged to seek and cooperate with the treatments with the desire to recover. Causes for developing a mental disorder are three fold. They are predisposing, precipitating and perpetuating factors.

Predisposing factors such as genes, environment, trauma at birth and psycho social factors in development (specially in childhood) make a person more vulnerable to a mental disorder. Precipitating factors brings the illness out at a particular time. Physical diseases, drugs, psychological stress (child birth, exam stress for example), social changes such as moving houses, retirement, divorce, migration are such precipitating factors. The perpetuating factors maintain the mental illness, preventing the person from recovery.

Mental disorders create large impact on an individual. Distress, disability, prone to physical disorders, high suicidal risk, inability to perform daily activities, rejection from family and community, stigma and discrimination are such impacts on the individual. However, impacts of mental disorders are not only on individual but on family and community as well. Families that have a mentally retarded patient, are usually plunged into hopelessness and helplessness. Social stigma and discrimination create things worse for such families.

The community is also affected by mental health issues. The community has to bare a large economic cost for treatments. A vicious circle exists between mental disorders and poverty. There is a noticeable increase in mental disorders in Sri Lanka. The population structure is one reason for this increase. The composition of age in Sri Lanka is polarized into the categories of ‘adults’ and ‘ youths’. Both these groups are high risk parties who are heavily prone for mental disorders.

War has also been a long prevailing reason for this increase in mental disorders in Sri Lanka. Migration (due to war, development projects), alcohol and drug abuse, stress (examination, education, domestic, work place) are also reasons behind this tendency. There are many issues related to mental disorders in Sri Lankan context. Delay in recognition is the major issue. Delay in seeking effective treatment is another problem. Social stigma, discrimination, myths and misconceptions in relation to mental disorders create a worse situation for the patients.





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Essay on Mental Health Topics List

Mental health handles all of the moods, emotions, and behavior that are linked to a person’s reactions to stressors and other behaviors related to problems. Consider the way someone is reacting to stress or anxiety. It covers all problems and illnesses related to the mental state. It is able to tell somebody how they can make choices and analyze decisions for the important things in life. A lot of issues that relate to illnesses about someone’s mental health such as panic, phobia, shame, suicide, stress anxiety and eating disorders can be discussed in an essay. It is important that to emphasize the difference between mental health and mental disorders to make the focus of the essay clear. The World Health Organization have reports that show there is 50% of the world’s total population who are victims of mental disorder. This is a consequence on how mental health is viewed as an unsure continuum instead of a certain level of psychological wellness. How mental health is perceived tends to be subjective because some are based on happiness, other people see it as the capacity to function in a society with a positive impact. The majority of definitions revolve around three main points: to live ‘fully’, creatively, emotionally stable, adaptable, and have the flexibility to handle life’s problems. These main aspects were used in analyzing the population of the world, and it was concluded that about 50% of the world population has a mental disorder. There are different forms of mental illnesses that are devastating to the world and these are depression, mood disorders, anxiety, psychotic disorders, and personality disorders. Anxiety disorder happens to most people and it covers phobias, panic disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Since the purpose of the essay is to discuss mental health, convincing the readers is the first goal a writer must think about. This is the kind of essay where the writer has to choose.

Here are good topics for an essay on mental health:

1. The 5 symptoms of bipolar disorder

2. What is known as social anxiety, its causes and how it can be treated

3. A deeper look into the situations that cause a person to commit suicide

4. What are the reasons why a person becomes depressed?

5. Analyzing schizophrenia in young people

6. How is obsessive-compulsive personality disorder treated?

7. Is family history linked to the transfer of stress and anxiety to a person?

8. Why do depressed people process information in a different way?

9. What is the importance of sexual in children?

10. How does age affect a person’s mental health and why is it linked to the development of mental illness?

11. The effect of social media on how a person gets disconnected from living a happy life.

12. What is social anxiety disorder?

13. What to do if your loved one is considering suicide?

14. How to handle someone who has psychotic depression.

15. Finding the best Psychosocial treatments.

16. What are the signs and symptoms of clinical depression?

17. What is the effect of exercise on one’s mental health?

18. Why is the stigma against mental illness is still very rampant today?

19. How to talk to someone who is suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder?

20. The different types of eating disorders.

Writing an essay on mental health allows a person to do extensive research in order to prove their argument in the essay. If done properly, it is one of the most interesting essays that people can read.

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