Marketing Case Study With Solution For Mba

This article will help you to solve a case study in Management. You can use these ways to solve any Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Finance management or any other Management related  Case study. Students of MBA, MMM, MPM, BBA and other management courses can use the same method to solve case studies.

The current corporate scenario urges the students to know about practical applicability of management concepts in day-to-day operations. To get such practical knowledge case study is one of the vital tool. It enables the students to

 Understand the situation ,

 Locate the problem

 Analysis the case

 Find out various available suggestions

 Finally conclude appropriate solution.

Case studies are included in the Syllabus of management degrees in almost all Universities. But the pattern for solving these case studies varies from university to university. Students are not sure about which method they have to follow. This article makes you familiar with some methods to solve a case study in Management.


Case studies can be two types:

a) case study with questions
b) case study without questions

a) Case study with questions

Case will be given and some questions will be given at the end for which you have to answer after analyzing the case completely. In this method there won’t be much problem as the complete case details are given, problem will be in front of you. Here you just have to answer the questions given below.

The method to solve this type of cases is:-

• Start with an introduction wherein you will cover the complete case.
• Answer the questions one by one in a clear manner (*)
• The length of your answer must depend on the marks assigned for that question.
• Try to associate your answer with any of the concept or theory in the given subject

 (for eg. If case is related to general management you can relate it with Principles of
 management MBO etc).
 And highlight that ( do this only when you are sure about the concept)

• Write a conclusion for the case for the main problem in the case.

(*) In case there is a question like “if you are the manager what would be your reaction in the given situation” .

you can answer in the following way:-

• list all the possible options in the given situation
• select the best option from your view-point
• conclude it like why that is the best option by mentioning the advantages of such option.

b) case study without questions:-
In this type of cases there won’t be any questions only complete case will be given. And the students get confused about what to do with such type of case type. The following are the ways in which a case can be solved and among those things whichever is applicable or possible in that you can include it in the solution and solve the case.


Give a detailed description about the case in two or three paragraphs and cover all the major issues in the case in your introduction.

SWOT analysis:-

Strength Weakness Opportunities and Thread. You have to list the strength weakness opportunity and thread of the company. Strength and weakness stands internal in which the company can have a control over that and Opportunity and Thread stands for External in which the company does not have any control.

Identify the Problems:

Find out major issues in the case and highlight those problems consider those problems as questions. Frame the problem in a proper way.

Find out the solutions:-

This is the part wherein you are going to give the solution for the case exactly. In the previous step you have framed the problems here you need to give solutions for each problem. Consider the problems as questions and start answering for each question.

Model 1

You can answer the question straight away about what you feel. Like how you reply to your other theory questions the same way you have to answer for these questions. You can highlight the subheadings and quote some definition in the answer if any concept is involved in that

Model 2

You can explain your answer by aligning the answer with any theory related to that. This method is not possible in all the cases. But if it related to employee motivation, International Trade Blocks, marketing strategy etc then you can align your answer with Maslow’s Hierarchy theory, Trade Blocks theory and BCG model etc.. This will fetch you more marks but one thing you need to be clear that you must know the theory completely.

Model 3

This method will take you in a proper direction. As said earlier consider the problem as question. Take the question one by one. Find the possible solution for each question. And also write the advantages and disadvantages for that solution. If you have more than one options for the same problem list the option one by one along with the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Finally conclude the question by comparing the option and write the best option among the listed option and support your conclusion.

Eg. Refer this case MAKAR Gained profit by missed opportunity & lost wealth
In this case if the question is like
“what would have Makar done to save the company without removing the employees”

Give an Introduction
List down the options one by like

A. Expanding the business
B. Expanding the market
C. Lease a part of production plant to another company
D. Close the plant partially

Now take each option and write its advantage and disadvantage (Like)

Option A



Option B



And Continue for other options.

Finally conclude the best option and support your answer.

This method if written properly neatly and cleanly will fetch you more marks.

Hence you can follow any of the above said method to solve a case study in Management if no specific method is mentioned in the question paper. In each method give an introduction and complete with conclusion. And underline where ever required. And fetch more marks in Cases.


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