Are We Addicted To Technology Essay

Addiction To Technology Essay

Addiction to technology

With the advent of Facebook and smart phones, everybody indulges themselves in the virtual world. Whenever we have time, we would rather play "Happy Farm" and "Candy Crush" and compete with others instead of playing sports. But dear schoolmates, have you ever felt the spiritual emptiness once you log out Facebook? Perhaps, playing sports is a better option when you are free!

You may ask why sports far transcend the electronic world and here is the answer --- "Health", which comprises of physical and mental aspects.

Physically speaking, working out can bring about a spectrum of benefits when compared to merely surfing the internet. You know, obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus are ubiquitous in Hong Kong. This can be attributed to the lack of exercising. When we give ourselves to the computer screen, we do not have the chance to enhance metabolism of our body. This will only lead to obesity, hindering our body growth as well as worsening our lymphatic system. In contrast, playing sports can strengthen our muscles and bones. The extra fat can be effectively decomposed. While we are playing sports and this enables us to be healthy physically.

Mentally speaking, indulging ourselves in the virtual world is detrimental to us. According to a research conducted by the Baptist University, Facebook users are prone to suffer from depression when they see the photo albums of their friends. When they realize that they are being isolated while their friends are having fun, their self-esteem plummets. As a result, depression is very likely to be developed. On...

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Technology has changed the lifestyle, communication, entertainment and work. The advancement in technology has helped businesses as well as individuals to elevate new heights. However, the society is seeing an equal rise in addiction to the technology at a faster pace. Complaints are pouring in from parents, teachers, students and individuals. Parents are finding it difficult to control their children as they are way too busy with different electronic gadgets. Mobile phones, video games, internet, television, tablets and notebooks are keeping a human being busy in the virtual world. Though technology changed our lives for better living, it is also showing adverse effects on the other side.

Technology addiction is new and is far more addictive then gambling or drug addiction. There has been a heated dispute whether there is a need to consider avid use of technology in every aspect of life and the addiction it is causing. The craving for the use of technology has termed different categories in the addiction. A human system has been designed in such a way that it is rewarded each time it receives what is craves for. During this stage, brain releases dopamine, which is neurotransmitter and fills in the craving.

A survey carried out by ICMPA and Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change on 1000 showed that it was impossible for them to stay away from any kind of media for 24 hours. The very gadgets which were designed to make our life very simple are now making it difficult to choose between success and failure. There is a stronger debate about the usage of technology. One part of the community states that over usage of technology is for the moment while others say that it helps fulfill the release of dopamine that plays a major role in decreasing the level of craving.

Technology addictions are plenty and it is necessary to point of out to the basic to overcome the same. Understanding the need of technology will be helpful to utilize the same within a limit. It becomes impossible to realize the depth of penetration into gadgets and it becomes too late to understand the depth. Hiding the addiction is impossible in such conditions. It has become a necessity to redefine the way we use technology and create a limitation. This will prevent us from falling into the category of addicts. However, use of technology alone cannot be termed as addiction as we use it for various purposes and necessities.

It would be difficult to explain the possible effects as addiction to technology is a unique category. It is separate and stands apart from those such as drug addiction or gambling or smoking or drinking. It is also not possible to restrain the use of technology as we are surrounded by it in every means. Human being has created a cyclic relation with technology in such a way that it becomes impossible to stay away from it or not use it at all. It is all in the game and one needs to understand the importance of technology to define boundaries.


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