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SSPM’s Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir wholeheartedly participated in the cause of saving the environment one step at a time. A host of activities were organized by the school in the month of June (World Environment Day falls on June 5) for the students to create awareness about the different methods in which our environment can be saved and enhanced. Beautiful posters, slogans, pamphlets were designed by them focussing on the importance of protecting nature and ways to do so. The posters were carried by students who took out an environment rally. A workshop was organised for the students of grade 6 which helped them gather information on waste management and recycling. They prepared a compost pit in a corner of the school ground.

The message of "Clean Mumbai, Green Mumbai" was conveyed, as students actively participated in cleaning the vicinity around the school. Students of grade 9 engaged themselves in planting saplings and cleaning of the BMC garden next to the school. Grade 10 students dispersed seed -bombs near the "Kanheri caves" inside the "Sanjay Gandhi National Park".

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Clean and green Mumbai is a long-cherished dream of most of the Mumbaikars but none of us have a clue when this dream will turn into a reality as pollution is increasing and greenery is dwindling with every passing day. However, city based NGO - ‘I Love Mumbai’ is one amongst the few that is persistently putting in conscious efforts to beautify Mumbai by planting saplings and launching cleanliness drives.

‘I love Mumbai’ started in 1989 under the guidance of Nana Chudasama with the mission of clean and green Mumbai. Since the time of its inception, this organisation distributed over 50,000 free saplings annually from its 20 centres located all over Mumbai and its suburbs. It is believed that the survival rate of these saplings is about 60 per cent. Besides this, it also encourages people to grow plants indoor.

“We keep on organising plant exhibitions from time to time which helps in creating environmental awareness. At the same time various types of natural plants including the rare-to-find ones are also available in these exhibitions that come from several nurseries all the way from Lonavala and Karjat at one spot. These exhibitions always receive overwhelming response from the public,” informs Nafisa, Convener of 'I Love Mumbai'. “In these events, a variety of plant related workshops are also arranged like Alovera and its uses, Vermi culture, Bonsai, etc,” avers Nafisa.

'I love Mumbai' also conducts many other workshops like how to grow plants, etc. to make people environmentally conscience. “If we get any information with regards to illegal tree cutting from any part of Mumbai, we make it a point to bring that to the notice of the concerned authorities,” divulges Shaina, a trustee of 'I Love Mumbai'.

With the efforts of organisations like 'I Love Mumbai', it seems that the clean and green Mumbai will be reality soon.

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