Ocr Product Design A Level Coursework Examples

Product Design Year 12 Module F522 Product Study

Deadlines 2013/14

Monday Oct. 7th                     Complete Product Focus and Analysis & Strengths/Weakness

                                                Begin Moral Implications.

                                                Begin Brief and Specifications

Monday Oct. 28th                   Complete Moral Implications

(Half – Term)                          Complete Brief and Specifications                                    

                                              Begin Development of Improvement

Monday Jan 27th                   Complete Development of Improvement

                                              Begin Testing

Friday Feb 7thBegin Summarise results

Feb. Half term                        Complete Testing

                                              Complete Summarise results

                                              Compile Project

Friday Feb. 22nd                     Product Study finished, all videos checked and handed in on USB.

Product Design Year 13 Module F523 Design, Make and Evaluate

Deadlines 2013- 2014

Friday Sept. 19thDesign Brief & Research




Half Term                                  Continue Ideas/Brainstorming

                                                2DModelling/Digital Tech.

                                                3D Modelling/Development

                                                Begin Working Drawings

Friday 7th Nov                          Ideas/Brainstorming

                                                2DModelling/Digital Tech.

                                                3D Modelling/Development


Monday 17th Nov                      Complete Working Drawings

                                                 Complete Cutting List

                                                 Complete Bought in Components

Friday Nov 21stAll to have begun Manufacture

Friday Feb.13thManufacture


Friday Feb 27th                            Testing/Independent Evaluation


Monday Mar 16thMarketing Presentation

                                                   Review & Reflection


Easter Holiday                            Consolidate and Check

Friday Apr. 24th Final Deadline for Project

                                                  All videos checked and Project handed in on USB

Economic Implications
Analysis of Product The good point is that it can be recycled and we can plant
Economic responsibility means, we consider economic implications of
Moral Implications Social Issues another tree whenever one is cut.
our actions, including making certain that there is an economic benefit Social responsibility means ensuring that our own and other people's Manufacturing
both to the region from which the product came and to the region in quality of life and human rights are not compromised to fulfil our All processes that uses energy in the production procedure. My
which it is marketed. expectations and demands. product uses big computer operated machineries that uses
loads of electricity to power it up, although it has a huge
Does it create jobs? Is the product really needed? Not really = bad. Useful = good negative impact, because it is wasting loads of energy, the
Developing, making, using and disposing of a new product will have an Some products do more damage than good, example if we use a product advantage is, it only uses one machine which is not needed to
impact on jobs. For example, many modern products are produced by just to throw it in under a small period of time it is usually doing more be adjusted every now and then because it is designed to do
computer controlled systems (CAM), where the outcome is the loss of damage than good. The designers of my product have not used so much the same thing on all of the wood that are needed in making
jobs for skilled workers in factories. As the product is made by cutting packaging on the products just the boxes used for it to be transported the guitar, except for painting. Furthermore, other
the body of the guitar in the accurate shape for it to sound good, from places to places, the boxes are eco friendly as well. I believe than procedures are done my hand, such as the putting the pick
this means there is not much job opportunities in the actual my product is one that is useful because it can sustain a long time guard, pick ups, to see that everything would be accurate,
production of the product as the machines do most of the work. especially because it is a musical instrument. It entertains people even for the painting. So there is still a good point in the
The only benefit is that some of the work needs to be done by hand, whenever you use it especially with other musical instruments manufacturing of the guitar.
which takes skilled workers, especially the putting of the strings accompanied by it.
and the painting of the guitar especially if it needs to be custom Distribution and sale
made. Which means the product may not be a great benefit for the Social ­ Diminishes (bad) Promotes (good) Getting the product from the factory to the place it will be used
local economy in regards to providing jobs. Different products have different degrees of sociability, like mp3s it does would have a big impact to the environment. My product is
not allow users to be sociable, when using mp3s or mp4s you don't really made in America, so the transportation distance is very
Exploitation/Fair Trade communicate with anyone while listening to it at the same time. The expensive, it has to reach UK and to be distributed to
Many products that we buy are manufactured by people who are badly electric guitar, makes you very sociable especially when you perform different shops, all of this pollutes the environment because
paid and work in very poor conditions. Although at the other end there in front of a crowd of people, you entertain them, they know you more of the transport that was used. Furthermore, the product is
are fair-traded products. Here everyone is involved and properly paid, because you play the guitar, which is very sociable indeed. As well as packaged in a cardboard box but made sure that it is stable
have safe working conditions and often some of the profits are put in it builds character, which means more socializing for people. inside with other cardboard, making the total mileage of the
the community, for health services, education or training. As the product very high.
product is manufactured in America; building the guitar needs a Basic rights and freedom
very skilful worker to complete the guitar, therefore they cannot Every person has a right to basic freedoms ­ safety, care, place to live, etc. Using the product
exploit the workers because they are only skilful workers. For that These are included in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as Using the product sometimes makes the most environmental
reason this product is not the one that exploits workers very well as right to education, for adults ­ job, fair pay, right to vote etc. As impact, such as cars and places, the fossil fuels used. My product
poorly as some others e.g. people working in very bad conditions. with any other rights, using the electric guitar, provides with different doesn't really have the pollution that cars and planes
things to do with it, such as using it to play in a gig or something for a produce, it's product life is very long because it needs to be
Use of resources job, or even just for playing it for people who needs to be lightened up used all the time especially by well known guitarist,
Many products are inefficient, where there are too much material used because they had a bad day. although some of the parts break it can easily be replaced
or too much energy or water is used in the production. Producing this with parts that you can by from your nearest high street or
other stores.
kind of products causes pollution and makes the products expensive. My Environmental Issues
product is the one that uses the resources wisely, e.g when cutting
the body of the guitar, some of the saw dust are gathered and Disposing the product
Environmental responsibility means ensuring that our actions and lifestyles
made MDF (medium density fibre board). There is definitely room Most products are thrown away and they end up in landfill sites,
don't cause the planet's resources to be used at unsustainable rates.
for improvement, especially for the machines that are on every which can cause a huge pollution. But there are other
day for a long time, that uses loads of electricity alternatives. My product are rarely thrown away its either
Sourcing Materials
smashed (by famous guitarists : Slash) or kept for
Extracting the materials needed for products has a large impact on the
Sold for a profit sentimental values especially for musicians, so it is rarely
environment, whether this is mining for oil or coal, cutting down trees in
A product that sells at less than it costs to make is not sustainable ­ thrown away. Therefore, if it is thrown away it's parts can
large areas or quarrying for stone it all has an effect on the environment.
unless it is sponsored or subsidized. Such as public transports might be easily be recycled such as the wood, or the metal parts that
My product would be made from wood, which are from trees and
subsidized to keep fares down for all passengers, which are all paid are with it.
small amount of steel and metal for its parts, the wood needed for the
from taxes. This particular product that I am studying is sold for a guitar will have a large effect on the environment because it involves
profit, it is not because they want to rip off people, its because it cutting down trees although it is a renewable material, every time a
helps them to get more materials in making more guitars, and tree is cut, a new one is planted. Furthermore, the saw dust that are
because wood are very expensive especially when they need to it wasted whenever a wood is cut, is recycled and made into MDF and
down, and sawed into a right size for the guitar. can still be used.…read more

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