Sample Action Research Paper In Reading



Pupils of Minsulao Elementary School were introduced to a reading activity every day. In order for this pupil to participate they were graded individually. As a teacher I gave all my effort for them to learn on how to read. Still not all pupils were able to read properly.


Poor reading abilities of the pupils Title: Factors affecting the reading abilities of pupils Factors causing the poor reading abilities of the pupils



Evaluate pupils reading habits to find out where they need improvement. Do

they “say" the words you’re reading? Do strange words slow their speed and

comprehension? Do they read every word? Do they re-read sentences? Do they vary your speed to suit the material?

2. Provide the conducive learning environment. Advise pupils to choose a place

where you’ll have few interruptions, have good lighting, can sit in a good chair, and won’t be distracted by radio, TV or other noises. Hold the book about fifteen

inches away (about the distance from your elbow to your wrist).

3. Increase


 vocabulary by providing meaning to the words they do not understand, maintaining a list of new words, and knowing the origin of words.

4. Match your speed to the material you are re

ading. Know what and why you’re

reading. Preview the material, especially when studying. Study reading requires closer, slower reading. For leisure reading you can go faster. Be sure you get the information in graphic aids and illustrations.

5. To improve your reading speed, practice for about 15 to 30 minutes each day, checking your rate in words-per-minute. Check your comprehension by summarizing what you read. Ideally, you want to read faster while maintaining your understanding. Therefore, use the same type of materials each time you practice to provide the consistency needed for meaningful practice.


Begin your reading by looking at the pictures, or listening to the music to get a feel for what you are going to be reading about.

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