Symthic Bf4 Mtar Assignment

Roles and playstiles: when to use and not to use the Tavor-2 whit the engineer class.

-Dedicated ones: the way its meant to be played

--Grunt: offensive, mainly anti-personal role.
The MTAR fits better close quarter engagements,and dominate in it when used with a dedicated playstyle. The above mentioned stats dont make it a run and gun, spray and pray weapon: if you want to frontally attack enemy, rushing (like you could with some PDW) or engaging them as you could do whit an assaulter/medic,you will result only in another KIA and will be forgot in a matter of seconds. If you mean to do that while being an engineer,you'd better use the A-91 (or the M5K,we'll talk about it later),just as you wont use a FAMAS but an AEK for the same purpose. DICE made a really good work of balance with it, so YES it is a "up close and personal" style killing machine, BUT it can't be used effectively as a frontal rusher,because killing more enemyes in fast sequence will require more skill,specifically covering tactics. What you do want to avoid is being caught out of bullets: 900rpm means really few seconds of continuous fire, just before a 3 seconds+ reload wich equals instant death. So the idea behind this carbine is:
-fast look at the surroundings->locates visible enemyes
-self-covering fire/instant killing action from the hip while (take advantage of both bullup and fast rof) moving to the nearest cover
-take cover,reload, repeat
If used effectively,you wont need anything more than good timing between cover-exposing to become a perfect close quarter assault: works flawlessy only on small maps tough. Remember that even if predictable,recoil is still strong and ADS spread is outclassed by most weapons,so engaging at 50+ meters could not be a good idea (even if the right attachments you can resize this limitation).

--Tanker: armored anti-infantry support and optimized self defence
If you are the kind of player that wont spawn before the veichle you want will appear in your base, maybe this weapon could be what you are looking for.
Playing specifically whit IFVs and TANKS and using on them loadouts focused on anti-infantry capablities (proximity scan,lmg/hmg ...) means that you can be forced to get out for repairs or to kill a support that you didnt see coming at you and which has already planted some c4:well,good hip firing (that can be improved through laser pointer),high rof, fast TTK mean that when you are forced to get out of your veichle and encounter face to face with your enemy,you can easily dominate him/them. Why should you choose MTAR over a PDW for this role? It's up to you:if you think you need a panic spray weapon,and to be easyer to manage more enemyes at once,you should choose an high rof/high capacity PDW. If you think you can control the situation even whit multiple enemyes,and want to have an edge at medium range, pick up the MTAR.

-Others: almost capable, but other weapons could be/are a better option

--All Arounder:
Versatility is not a characteristic of the MTAR: if you think you want a weapon that can fit almost every situation,covering various distances on the battlefield and do it well, then you have better choices. This weapon has its place in close quarters,and even if can be adapted to fill even better the gap between pdws and assault rifles,i personally suggest to take advantage of its already good aspects,rather than tryng to use it to obtain something it is not intended to do. If you want a good allarounder you should pick up the G36C,the M4A1 or SG553.

Long reload+fast ROF means that you run very fast out of ammo. If you like multiple encounters at the same time, maybe this is not the weapon for you: you have to use carefully every bullet to do it, and the MTAR is not forgiving in this aspect. A single second of panic, means sprayng->success->empty mag->100% vulnerable. Use at your own risk.

-Just no: use it when you'll need a 0-25 K/D

--Medium-to-long range engagements & Long range Designated Marksman:
Avoid this at all costs: Tavor+long range ecounters=certain death. It suffers the worst ADS standing still accuracy out of any other carbine (0.125),it cant equip a bipod, the recoil is moderately high, and the rof insane:you will just end up using your entire reserve of ammo to take out a single enemy, admitting that he is not aware of your position. If he is, most probably you will die.

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The target detector in Battlefield 4 is an often ignored unlockable weapon accessory for two classes of gun, the carbines and the Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR’s).  The target detector is a futuristic accessory that automatically detects and spots targets when you aim down sights with equipped weapons.  That means the little orange triangles, often referred to Doritos, appear over the heads of your enemies and appear on the mini-map of your team.  Spotting enemies is very helpful to your team, it can save their lives and help them hunt down target.  It also helps you if the enemy runs out of sight.  Of course you can spot by hitting Q on the keyboard or the spotting button on the controller, but the target detector does it automatically saving you time. 

For me the target detector often spots opponents that I haven’t even seen lurking in the shadows or barely peaking around cover, but isn’t perfect and does not work all the time.  Another benefit besides helping you and your team are spotting bonuses.  If your teammates kill an enemy that you spotted you get points, and if you get 5 spotting bonuses you get a spotting ribbon and even more free points.  The more extra enemies you and your teammates kill the more likely you are to win the match further increasing your points and working toward your goals of unlocking new weapons, abilities and ranking up.   

So how do you get this helpful weapon upgrade in Battlefield 4 and what are the drawbacks of using it.  To unlock the target detector for other guns you need complete the Eye Spy assignment by playing a Final Stand map and get 20 kills with a carbine or DMR and get a spotting ribbon.  Luckily you don’t need to meet these criteria in a single match, but all the kills and ribbon must be completed on a final stand map.  The Final Stand is an extra DLC that you have to purchase, or it comes free with Premium.  Is the target detector with purchasing Final Stand just for that purpose?  I don’t think so, but the maps are nice and the future setting adds to the interest of the game.

The only major drawback to the weapon accessory is that it takes the spot of a laser sight or flashlight.  Personally I never use either, because I feel that they give my position away.  Nearly every match I get at least one kill or avoid being killed because I have found someone based on seeing their laser sight or flashlight.  Another drawback is that this accessory is only found on the weapon classes many do not like.

Perhaps another issue is that the target detector only comes standard with one gun that is available to everyone from the start of the games, and it is a bad gun, the Groza -1.  The Groza 1 is actually ok at close ranges, but its best attribute it that you get to try out the target detector and see if it worth the trouble of unlocking for the other carbines and DMRs. 

In summary I really like having the target detector as an accessory for the carbine and dmr weapons, it gives these weapon classes the little something extra they need to be competitive in Battlefield 4.  

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